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Big River Consultants

An organisation’s commercial performance accelerates when
  • It identifies, quantifies, and assesses the total market opportunity and potential threats for the consumer-defined categories in which it competes and sets the context for its brands to compete more successfully and sustainably.
  • It drives sustainable growth and equity of the company’s brands across all categories in which they compete by exploiting relevant category growth opportunities whilst building sustainable and relevant propositions for target consumers, shoppers and retailers.
  • It ensures the company’s brands are consumers’ first choice at every relevant moment of consumption.
  • It ensures that the company’s brands are shoppers’ first choice whenever they buy from the Category and that the decision is made when they purchase.
  • It secures sufficient and preferential support for the company’s brands within its Customers’ sphere of operation and influence.
Some Big Commercial Issues we can help you with
  • Accelerating profitable business growth
  • Turning around poor category/brand performance
  • Strengthen brand equity
  • Engaging more effectively with consumers
  • Driving sales performance at the point of sale
  • Winning the digital purchase
  • Improving and strengthening customer support

We use a 3-Step Acceleration Plan

Step 1

Design solutions

We help clients identify and target category and brand growth opportunities across the market value chain with practical strategic and operating plans

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Step 2

Deliver results

We help clients translate plans into effective innovation and activities that drive category and brand growth with their consumers, shoppers and customers

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Step 3

Drive advantage

We help clients create a more effective commercial organisation to empower people, to create a sustainable source of competitive advantage

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