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5 Point Plan For Growth – Point 4 – Team Performance

We recently shared our 5 Point Plan for Growth that could be used in these tumultuous times to smooth the waters. Point 4 we said was Team Performance.

Does your team have an agreed vision, mission, and a set of goals? Do they work as one team, consistently providing for the business?

The last three years has seen a significant change in ways of working. These include:

  • Remote work: Many companies have had to shift to remote work, where employees work from home instead of coming into the office. This has led to the adoption of new technologies and tools that enable virtual communication and collaboration.
  • Hybrid work: Some companies have adopted a hybrid work model, where employees split their time between working from home and coming into the office. This has allowed for greater flexibility and work-life balance.
  • Increased focus on employee wellbeing: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of employee wellbeing, leading many companies to implement new programs and initiatives to support their employees’ mental and physical health.

There is also a cohort of people who changed jobs in that time, who may never have spent any time with their new team (or line manager).

Now, as the world begins to move towards a post-pandemic era we need to establish our new ways of working.

  • How do we engender a sense of team and one purpose, shared goals and targets?
  • How do we replace the water cooler moments that were an important part of development and team building?
  • How do we build those cross silo relationships?
  • How do we ensure that people have the necessary skills to thrive in the new normal?

If any of this strikes a chord, just let me know. It would be great to get your perspective to see if we can assist you

If you would like to see how you are doing, try our quiz below.


How well does your team communicate with each other, and with other teams?

a. Not well at all

b. There are some communication issues, but we manage

c. We communicate effectively most of the time

d. Communication is a strength of our team

How well does your team collaborate to achieve common goals?

a. Poorly

b. Fairly well

c. Mostly well

d. Extremely well

How well do team members understand their roles and responsibilities?

a. Not at all

b. Somewhat

c. Mostly

d. Completely

How well does your team manage workload and deadlines?

a. Poorly

b. Fairly well

c. Mostly well

d. Extremely well

How well does your team understand and the businesses goals, and their role in delivering them?

a. Poorly

b. Fairly well

c. Mostly well

d. Extremely well


For each question, give yourself 1 point for a, 2 points for b, 3 points for c, and 4 points for d.

Add up your points for each question to get a total score.

Your score can help you identify team performance pain points:

5-8: Your team communication may need improvement. Consider establishing better channels of communication, and encourage more open dialogue between team members.

9-12: Your team is generally functioning well, but there are some areas that could be improved. Consider addressing any issues around collaboration, workload management, and goal alignment.

13-16: Your team is functioning at a high level, but there may still be some areas that could benefit from improvement. Consider refining your team deliverables and continuing to build a culture of collaboration.

17-20: Your team is functioning at an exceptional level. Keep up the good work!