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5 Point Plan For Growth – Point 5 – Maximising ROI

We recently shared our 5-Point Plan for Growth that could be used in these tumultuous times to smooth the waters. Point 5, we said, was Maximising ROI.

Are there tasks that remain on your to-do list?

Are there jobs to be done that would help maximise the return from your team’s activities?

We frequently talk to clients and find that they have either half-completed projects or not even started. Also, sometimes budget has been spent on ‘content’ where the entire commercial benefit has yet to be delivered. In one instance, a client had spent a large sum on ad hoc research, yet the final report had been put into a drawer with no benefit felt by the business.

We see many CPG job vacancies advertised (you only have to look at LinkedIn and see how many job posts there are) only to be told that finding the right person is taking too much time and potentially impacting team performance. Finding the right talent is proving a real issue too.

We have listened to and developed a solution for our clients called Project Based Interim (PBI).

The solution

We provide a project-specific expert temporarily
Their role is to help deliver a specific piece of work that can be wrapped up into a discrete project with clearly identified objectives and outcomes /deliverables.

Some examples are

Delivering a range review
Helping optimise the return from ad hoc research investment
Supporting the integration of new data sources / setting up reports / checking robustness & accuracy.

Some benefits of PBI

Tasks that would be set aside are completed.
Tasks where there is not enough resource available (or resource at the ‘right’ level), are delivered.
Tasks are delivered quicker and to a higher standard.

If you are having difficulties filling your vacancies or have a one-off critical need, get in touch, we would be delighted to help.