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Evolution in 450 days

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Is your family fed up with the ’10 meal recipe in rotation’ trick?

Don’t we miss that early morning £5 demi Cappo, that £4 #starbucks porridge and the £3 #grenadebar. Although, toast and a cup of tea for the 451st day are becoming a little repetitive.

Lunch used to be something from #ITSU, a #cocacola and a packet of #Walkerscrisps. Now it’s a homemade sandwich, although that #Branstonpickle and #Cathedralcheese addiction is a little worrying.

The hardest decision I have to make in the last 450 days is to turn left or right at the gate for my evening #nikerunning. (I calculate that 66% of the time I have turned left)

After 450 days, the family have signed up for #netflixseries #primevideo #disneyplus # #britbox and binge-watched everything. Now we struggle to find anything, although #MareofEastwood is the current must-watch.

Then I found Jonny and his boxes, and I rediscovered culinary variety.

Jonny has eliminated my emotional disappointment of the family clearing their plates 2 minutes after my hour of solitude in the kitchen.

I leave that to Jonny whilst I thumb through #tiktokmarketing with my glass of #Thatchers.

God, I miss the office. I need to get out more.

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